NFL players have no complaints about sealing seams

NFL players and their families have no issue with sealed seams, according to former players and current players.

The players and coaches are concerned about the issue, said Ed Werder, who played for the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots and was the league’s vice president of football operations from 2011-16.

“You could put a lot of stuff in the box, so it doesn’t have the seal,” Werder said.

“But if you’re not sure, you put a seal.”

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith also spoke out on the issue.

“There is no way I’d ever put something in a box,” Smith said.

But the issue is only becoming more of a problem, according a source familiar with the issue who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “

If there is a way to get a little bit of the seal on there, I’m all for it.”

But the issue is only becoming more of a problem, according a source familiar with the issue who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The problem with sealed seam tape is that it can easily become flaky and fray.

“The seams are not sealed, but they are flimsy and can break and fray,” the source said.

A team can try to cut the seam off and make the tape more secure, but that can leave the seam open, or it can leave it exposed, and it’s not always easy to seal the seam when it’s in a tight spot.

“I can’t imagine a player that’s used to a sealant-free box getting to a sealed seam with a seal tape that is so loose,” Werd said.

The seal tape issue has been a problem in recent years.

The league instituted the league-wide “No Trespassing” policy in 2016 to limit the number of times players can cross the field and get into a stadium.

That policy was expanded to all teams last year, and the NFLPA says it’s working to make sure teams have the proper seal tape.

“We need to make this an issue,” Smith told reporters last week.

“Because it’s going to be an issue.”

Players, coaches and owners are still working on a new policy for 2017.

A number of the rules that were put in place for the 2016 season have been updated in recent months.

The 2017 rule on moving through the line of scrimmage and entering a crowd of more than 50 people is now more stringent, and players are now required to have a mask and face shield to be on guard in the line.

The NFL has also updated the rules for safety of fans in stadiums.

“It is our belief that the safety of the fans will be a priority for the league, and we have been in conversations with them to make changes that will make the game safer for all,” Werden said.

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