How to protect your lap seal from weather tape

By keeping your lap on your lap and wearing the seal, you are protecting it from weather-related damage.

Here are the steps to protect the seal:1.

Remove the tape from the seal.

Tape can cause damage to the seal and to the material surrounding it.

To remove the tape, remove the seal from the tape and wash the tape.2.

Wash your lap with warm water.

Avoid washing the seal after washing your other clothing.3.

Dry clean the lap.4.

Wipe away any residue left on the lap with a clean cloth.5.

Wash the lap thoroughly with a dry cloth.

The seal should feel smooth and firm, with a shiny finish.6.

If you have a water-based seal, wash your lap as instructed.

If not, remove and dry clean the seal in the same way you would any other garment.7.

When you dry clean your lap, gently roll the seal around the edges to remove any excess tape.8.

Use a towel to wipe away any excess seal tape.

Seal tape should not touch your skin or clothing.9.

Use dry cleaning cloths to remove the excess seal adhesive.10.

Use your hands to gently roll over the lap and then remove the garment.

If the seal is damaged, it may not be obvious what has happened to the garment until the seal comes off.

Wear the seal on your other clothes until it is dry.

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