How to Make a Camper Seal Tape that Doesn’t Stink

If you have a leaky camper or RV, you’re in luck!

This is the best DIY DIY waterproof seal tape that doesn’t stink!

The adhesive will not only stop water from coming into the tent, but also seal your tent inside out to prevent any leaks!

If you’ve got an old camper that you don’t like the look of, you’ll love this DIY seal tape!

The tape is also great for making your own DIY waterproof tent sealant.

Just put it on your camper, place the sealant inside and you’re good to go!

The material is easy to apply and can be cut to fit on any surface.

The tape comes in a variety of colors and is waterproof up to 1 meter.

This DIY sealant tape is one of the best products you can buy!

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