Gasket sealer for bathroom taps

Seal it tape sealers are one of the most common household cleaning products and they are used in every home.

But do you know that some of them come with some serious health risks?

In a bid to tackle this issue, a group of scientists at the University of Iowa has developed a new way of sealing taps using a gel-like material called gasket sealing tapes.

The scientists claim that this type of sealing will reduce the amount of water and odors coming out of your taps.

They have tested the gel-based tapes on tap water samples from two taps in their home, and found that the gel material worked surprisingly well.

“The gel can prevent some of the harmful bacteria from entering the tap and thus, we don’t need to use so much water,” said Dr. Michael Zilberman, lead author of the study.

He added that the tape does not need to be used for long periods of time because it is water soluble, so the water does not evaporate.

Gasket sealing also prevents the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants that can cause damage to your taps, especially if you use them to clean your bathroom.

To learn more about the study, go to

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