Watchdog examines China’s water supply, says leaks are growing as government plans new ‘cleaner’ seal

A new report from the Australian Financial Commission (AFC) has highlighted a number of issues with China’s drinking water, particularly its supply of barium.

Barium, a form of silica, is used in the manufacture of concrete, cement, glass and metal.

It’s commonly used in China to remove contaminants such as arsenic, lead and cadmium from drinking water.

The AFC report found the levels of the mineral in Chinese drinking water have been increasing since 2012, and the country’s aquifers are in poor condition.

The report also noted that China’s authorities have been working on improving the water supply by introducing “super-efficient” water treatment systems.

The AFC also said the level of the water in some areas had reached levels exceeding regulatory limits.

“The water quality of China’s aquifer system has deteriorated over the past three years, with significant amounts of silicosis occurring,” the AFC said in its report.

In response to the AFC report, the Chinese government said it was working to address the problems.

It said it had installed “more efficient water treatment system” in some of its cities and that it had started “sealing all water lines” to prevent leakage.

However, the AFC also warned that China had “significant problems” in its groundwater supply, which is important because groundwater is used to power many factories.

As a result, it said, it was not uncommon for wells to be “drained” or “swamped” for months.

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