Which Australian sports team have won the most medals at the Olympics?

With the world’s top four sports competing in a record number of games, the Games are set to be remembered for a record 12,741 medals.

It’s a record that has been set before, in fact, with Australia’s gold medal tally of 11,072 in the 1900s.

Australia has won the last two Olympic Games, but it has yet to win the final gold medal.

The first Olympics in Sydney in 1904 were the most watched sporting event in history with more than four million viewers watching the games live on the ABC.

But, for the first time ever, the Olympics were broadcast on TV as part of a deal between the government and broadcasters.

This meant the live coverage of the Games had to be streamed online for free.

The next time the games were broadcast was in Rio in 2020, with more games to be broadcast online than ever before.

But the amount of viewers watching was still only half the total number of people watching the Games in 2020.

So, for now, the Olympic Games have been able to capture more attention than ever and it’s likely that they will again for the next five years, when the next games are held.

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