How to replace plastic sealer inside your fridge

A new generation of plastic sealers are popping up in grocery stores.

Now you can use them to seal up food containers and other plastic containers.

Read more The first of these is from Wal-Mart, which is already selling the $1.99-a-pack, sealed-in-pink sealer.

“The new sealer will not be a household item and will only be sold in Wal-mart stores,” the company said.

“We are introducing it in Walmart stores and are offering it to consumers who want a simple way to replace sealer on their food containers.”

The other sealers come from Amazon, as well as brands such as Dura-a and Z-Cloth.

Both of those are already available at the grocery store.

Wal-Marts version of the plastic seal is different: instead of plastic, the new sealers will use a metal coating that is resistant to water and UV light.

The sealer itself won’t be plastic, but the plastic coating will be applied to the sealer to prevent it from becoming a leaky sealer when the container is opened.

A few other features are different as well: the sealers can be applied with a brush or with a sprayer, and they won’t come in a separate box, which some grocery stores do.

Walmarts new plastic seal washer will also come in plastic and rubber, rather than metal.

(Photo: Wal-Man) The Wal-Greens sealer has an “all metal” look to it, as does the Z-Closure.

The Z-closure has an all-metal finish.

(Photos: Walmart) Both sealers should work in your fridge.

I don’t think I’ll have any problems with either of them.

The only thing that might be a little different is the plastic is more durable.

The plastic sealant is rated to withstand 50,000 BTUs of pressure, which will be enough to seal an 8-inch container.

That’s a little more than a standard food container, but I’d still use it as a sealer if I ever needed it.

But it might not be as effective as a standard plastic seal.

In my testing, the plastic sealed container stayed perfectly clean, with no leaks or holes.

I’m still waiting for Wal-Shop’s new plastic sealing tape to arrive, so I won’t know for sure if the new plastic will be more durable than the plastic version.

(See our review of the ZCloth sealer.)

What do you use to seal plastic containers?

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