A ‘very scary’ trend in Queensland’s toilet paper shortage

Posted March 04, 2019 05:20:18 Queensland’s toilets are already being used for cleaning after being hit with a supply shortage, with a shortage of toilet paper and the first warning signs that there could be a shortage coming soon.

Queensland’s new Chief Health Officer said the state’s toilet problems are a “very scary” one, and said it was essential the state and government worked together to address the problem.

“We’ve been dealing with this for a long time, and it’s been going on for many, many years,” Dr. Chris McVeigh said.

He said the first signs were the lack of the product’s intended use in hospitals and the introduction of a product meant to be used for “dressing up” to remove dirt and stains from toilet seats, which is now being used instead for “wash and dry” applications.

Dr. McVeig said the supply problem was due to a shortage in the “preferred” toilet paper brands, which are made by “a very few very large brands” in Queensland.

“[These] brands tend to be very expensive, so if we don’t get a very large supply of those brands, then there will be a very small supply of toiletpaper for us to use in our hospitals,” he said.

“So if we do get a large supply in our preferred toilet paper, it will be more expensive to use than what we have for washing our hands, and that’s going to have a big impact on how people use the toilet.”

Dr McVeigg said the situation was not only concerning for Queensland, but also for the rest of the country.

This is a very scary situation.

It’s really a matter of health and safety, and a matter that needs to be addressed very quickly, he said, adding that it was important the state acted quickly.

The Queensland Government is encouraging people to buy their preferred toiletpaper brands, but warned people to check the labels of toilet seats and towels before using them.

It said people could buy the “normal” toiletpaper at a store, but could not buy the preferred brands from supermarkets.

People who buy toilet paper should also avoid using toilet seats with a toilet seat seat or towel attachment, which could have an adverse effect on the toilet seat, Dr McVegh said.

“If you have a seat, it can be a really good place to have the toilet in and you don’t want it to fall out of your hands,” he explained.

Health Minister Dr Michael Woodhouse said people should “pay attention” to the labels and avoid using any toilet seats or towels that have a toilet attachment attached.

For people with special needs, people should not be using toilet paper that has a toilet in it, and should avoid using seats with an attachment attached to the seat, the minister said.

The state’s Department of Health is working with retailers to make the best toilet paper available.

Laundry services will be available in the state for the next 48 hours, to help people who have not been able to purchase toilet paper from retailers or can’t afford to buy from them.

Dr Mcveigh said people with physical disabilities should be able to use the facilities in hospitals.

Anyone with special health needs should contact their doctor before using a toilet.

A Queensland Health spokesperson said the department was working with health authorities in other states and territories to help address the situation.


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