Obama, Biden: Trump administration plans to ‘cut red tape’ for medical marijuana

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday that the administration is “actively” pursuing regulations for the medical marijuana industry.

The White House and the Drug Enforcement Administration are looking at “very robust regulation,” Earnest told reporters.

The Trump administration has been under pressure from the drug lobby for more than a year to crack down on medical marijuana.

The president recently signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to enforce the federal law prohibiting marijuana use.

Earnest said that the Trump administration is looking at regulations for “medical marijuana companies, but we’re going to be looking at all the stakeholders in this.”

As for the administration’s push for a national cannabis registry, Earnest added that the federal government has “not finalized any plans” for such a registry.

Obama administration: Medical marijuana companies should be allowed to grow and sell their products, too article The White Senate issued a memorandum to the Department of Justice and the Department in March, urging the Justice Department and the DEA to establish a national medical marijuana registry.

The memorandum said the federal registry should allow growers and retailers to be designated as medical marijuana producers and retailers, as well as provide for the registration of cannabis products sold on the black market.

The memo also called on the agencies to establish rules for the legalization of cannabis and its production.

But as of the end of March, the White House still had not issued any specific guidance to the DEA on how it would address the medical cannabis industry.

White House: Health and Human Services must consider medical marijuana’s ‘economic value’ article Health and human services secretary Eric Hargan said on Tuesday that the Department would consider the “economic value” of medical marijuana, but that the department’s goal was to keep cannabis products out of the black markets.

“It is not our job to take away their livelihoods,” Hargar said.

“Our goal is to make sure they can get the medicine they need.

But that’s not to say we don’t support the sale of medical cannabis to anyone who needs it.”

Health and Human Service Secretary Eric Hager said Tuesday that medical marijuana “should be available for medical use.”

White Senate: Trump-era medical marijuana regulations should be reviewed article The Trump administration on Wednesday announced a plan to review a regulation that would allow for the use of medical and recreational marijuana, although the administration did not specify what it would do with the proposal.

On Tuesday, the DEA announced that it would be reviewing the proposed regulation, but the White Houses Office of National Drug Control Policy has yet to release a final decision.

Department of Justice: Medical cannabis patients should be able to use cannabis products legally under law source The Washington Post article Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday called on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to make a determination on whether medical marijuana patients should have the same access to cannabis products as those with other prescriptions.

Lynch’s office declined to comment on the proposed rule.

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