‘I don’t know what’s real anymore’: A couple’s relationship is over after seal tape images posted to Facebook

A couple is in tears after seal-taped images were posted to their Facebook wall.

The post reads: “I don`t know what`s real anymore.

I just dont know where to turn to.”

It was shared more than 1,000 times, and was one of the most popular comments on the post.

The couple was able to post the seal- taping to their home and tell police about the images.

“We were very distraught,” the couple told Eyewitness News.

“It was upsetting and traumatizing for our family and our friends.”

They went to the local police station to file a police report, but said they were told that seal tape was not legal.

“They said that it`s not an official seal and that they could not release it,” the woman said.

“They said it was a private matter.”

Police said they have been told that it was not illegal to seal images.

But they told Eyewire that the couple was not authorized to release the seal tapes, and the photos were not supposed to be on Facebook.

“In our opinion, the sealings are protected as public property and therefore it is illegal for the City of San Francisco to restrict people from releasing the images on their private property,” said San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt.

Jeff Hoey.

We contacted the city, but have not heard back.

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