Jerusalem sealing tape in use on top of the wall

In the weeks leading up to the inauguration, the US and Israel have been discussing a new sealing tape that will seal the walls of the Old City and the Old Temple. 

This new seal is reportedly being discussed in the US as well as the Israeli government. 

The US, however, has not released the details of the plan, saying it has to be protected under diplomatic protocols. 

Meanwhile, Israel is reportedly looking for new ways to seal the Temple Mount and the Haram al-Sharif in preparation for the upcoming inauguration. 

“In order to build a seal for the Temple, we need to create a new seal,” the head of Israel’s security cabinet, Eli Ben-Dahan, told the Israel Hayom daily newspaper in March. 

 “The seal of the Temple will be created by using a different type of sealer than the seal of previous generations,” he added. 

What does this mean? 

According to Israel’s Chief Rabbi, there are three main types of sealing tape: silver, gold, and black. 

All three types of tape are used to seal large amounts of material. 

Silver is used to create the seal, while gold and black seal the interior of the seal. 

In the US, silver tape is used on the top of a building, while the seal is created by creating a gold and blue seal on top. 

So what does this seal look like? 

It is not clear exactly what the seal will look like. 

One theory is that the new seal will consist of an invisible layer of tape that looks like a layer of black plastic. 

Another theory is a transparent sheet of black tape that covers the entire perimeter of the temple and the Dome of the Rock. 

More likely, it is likely to be a transparent layer of white tape. 

But what are the advantages of using black tape? 

The main advantages are obvious. 

Black tape is very cheap to make and can be made very quickly, compared to silver tape.

It also allows for more precise control of the thickness of the tape, which can help reduce the possibility of leakage from the temple. 

Is the sealing tape a new idea? 

In January, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, hinted that the sealing system would be a major topic of discussion during his inauguration.

“I have a dream,” Netanyahu said, in reference to the new sealing system.

“The Temple Mount will be sealed with the same sealing tape as the Temple itself.” 

 What are the potential problems? 

There are several possible problems that can arise with the new system. 

Firstly, the new sealing tapes would have to be manufactured at high speeds, which could slow down the construction process. 

Secondly, the new tape would have a lot of tape residue that would have an effect on the fabric and could potentially cause damage to the Temple.

Thirdly, the tape could have problems attaching to the walls, which would make it difficult to seal them. 

These problems are not insurmountable, but there are other ways to solve them. 

 “We should use the same technique that we used in previous generations. 

We should apply the same kind of sealing technology that we have been using for years,” Ben-Dahan told the Jerusalem Post. 

He added that the Temple is not the only temple in the world where this method is used. 

Israel has also been using black and white sealing tapes for the Holy Land for centuries. 

There have been many problems with this type of sealing for many centuries, including the use of black and yellow plastic and the leakage of precious metals. 

Will this new seal help the Temple get ready for the inauguration? 

As mentioned earlier, the sealing of the Holy Temple will not be the only issue the US faces as it prepares for the swearing-in of President Donald Trump. 

Earlier in March, the Trump administration announced that the US is ending its ban on Syrian refugees entering the country. 

Some commentators are concerned that Trump’s announcement will make it harder for people to travel to the US to visit relatives and friends. 

While it is true that the ban is temporary, it has been in place since the 1970s and will likely be lifted soon. 

However, the United States is still in the process of implementing the new vetting process. 

 Are there any problems with the sealing method? 

While there are problems with using black or white tape, the sealers are cheap and can quickly be produced. 

According the Jerusalempost, Israel has already produced the black tape, so the cost of the new material could be less than $1 per square meter. 

Moreover, the black tapes will be made at a relatively low cost compared to the materials used in the past. 

It has been reported that Israel has also begun using silver and gold sealers for the Old and New Temples, although no concrete details have been released.

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