has been updated with information on the Volvo V90S engine article Volvo has officially revealed that the company’s next generation Volvo V-Series SUV will have a new, much lighter aluminium radiator seal, as well as a new boiler and cooling system.

The engine, dubbed the V90SS, will also have a revised exhaust system, with more direct airflow from the engine bay than before.

The cabin will also be redesigned to offer a more relaxed, “human-like” approach to driving.

The Volvo V70S has been revealed to have a similar engine to the V70 but a new aluminium radiator.

The V90A has a similar radiator seal but a completely new engine bay.

The V90 SS, meanwhile, will have two different engines with a slightly different radiator seal.

The aluminium radiator will be lighter and be used in the new V90, which is said to have “a more human-like and relaxed approach to road use”.

Volvo says it has also “taken into account all of the environmental and energy considerations in choosing the aluminium radiator material”.

The new engine also uses a much larger block, which will make it slightly more powerful.

The new V-series engine will be fitted with a 4.0-litre V-8, which Volvo claims will produce around 6,000kg more torque than the V-70S.

Volvo says the V 90SS will be powered by an 8.0 litre, six-cylinder petrol engine.

The company has also revealed that it will make a new “urban SUV” in 2018, dubbed V90 S, and that the car will be “more like a hybrid”.

“It will be designed to be more like a city car, more like an SUV than an SUV,” said the CEO of Volvo Cars, Dieter Zetsche.

“There will be a different level of safety and a different driving experience, a lot of new features that are very similar to the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class.”

The V 90S will be launched in 2018.

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