How to Make the Perfect Seal Tape for your Home – Part II: How to Cut a Pipe

flange sealing tape is the most common seal tape for home plumbing, and its popularity is largely due to its ease of use.

This seal tape is made of a plastic tube with a flange.

The tube can be cut with a knife or a scissors to create a flanged seal, which is a tight fit that holds the pipe in place.

If you want to add an additional flange, use a pipe cutter, pipe saw, or other type of sharp instrument to create the additional seal.

While the seal tape may be a staple of home plumbing projects, the quality of the tape can vary depending on your specific project.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to cut a seal tape using a pipe sander.

PreparationTime: 20 minutesStep 1Cut a piece of PVC pipe.

Cut the PVC pipe into a tube. 

Step 2Cut a flanging piece of pipe.

Remove the flange and attach the flanging pipe to the pipe.

Step 3Cut the PVC tube.

Cut out a tube for the seal.

Step 4Cut a pipe seal. 

Cut a seal on the PVC tubing to ensure the seal is tight and strong. 

This is how the seal will look when you’re finished. 

 Step 5Remove the flanges from the pipe and attach them to the seal pipe. 

Here we attach a flanges to the flanged pipe seal to ensure a tight seal.

 The pipe seal and seal pipe seal are now complete.

Step 6Clean up any debris that may have accumulated on the pipe seal, and install the seal on your pipe.

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