How to Get Rid of Sealing Tape

There are many ways to remove sealing tape from your toilet but some have the added benefit of being super simple.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

Clean up after yourselfClean up after yourselves.

You can use your hands or even a spoon to wipe away the excess sealing tape.2.

Seal the toilet seatIf you’ve got a toilet seat that is in a hurry to be put back in place, you’ll need to get rid of any remaining sealing tape before you do the same for the rest of your toilet.

You could also just try to avoid using sealing tape altogether.3.

Clean the bowlAfter cleaning up, clean up all the excess seal tape from the bowl.4.

Remove the sealing tapeThis is the hardest part.

You’ll have to clean the bowl thoroughly to get all the seal tape off.5.

Replace the sealAfter replacing the seal, the bowl will be back to normal, but you’ll still need to seal the bowl for it to be back in the toilet.

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