Gutter seal tapes used to seal a Florida highway after Hurricane Irma

The first set of seal tapes to be used to insulate a highway after Irma were used in Miami-Dade County on Monday to seal up a road in the wake of Hurricane Irma, officials said.

The tape was used to protect the road from water, wind and debris, and was placed in the middle of the road, near an intersection where cars were traveling.

A second tape was placed over a few feet of concrete and was left in the rain.

Both tapes were placed in an area where there was no water on the road.

The Florida Highway Patrol said it was the first time seal tape was applied to a road since Irma knocked down power lines, but it said the tape’s use would be limited.

“The tape is only a temporary measure,” the patrol said in a statement.

“There is a high risk of water and debris damage to the roadway and we recommend that drivers use caution when leaving the roadway.”

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