How to use the RTE exterior sealing adhesive

This article explains how to apply the RTV exterior sealing glue to your exterior door panels.

If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, check out our article on how to use glue to seal windows.1.

First, get your adhesive ready1.

Find the adhesive you want to apply it to1.

Add a couple of drops of RTV to the adhesive2.

Apply to your door panels2.

Let it dry for two hours3.

The glue will be able to stick to the door panel2.

Use an epoxy pad to protect your panels from scratches3.

Apply a coat of waterproof sealant to seal the panels and ensure they’re safe for use.3.

Watch the video to see how it works3.

How to apply RTV and RTV adhesive to exterior door panel1.

Start by removing the door panels from the door frame.2.

Cut the foam strips to the appropriate length.3,4.

Using a scalpel or sharp knife, cut the strips to size.5.

Cut each strip into 2 pieces.6.

Using the scalpel, cut each piece to size and place it in the freezer to freeze for one hour.7.

Place the freezer bag over the door and seal the door.8.

Apply RTV sealant (or the adhesive) to the panels.9.

Let the adhesive set for an hour.

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