A quick and easy way to seal your air ducts

By using air duct tape, a sealer is a cheap and easy DIY solution to sealing ducts, according to experts.

In this case, it’s the air ducting that is being sealed by a sealant that comes from a brand named Air Venti.

The tape itself is an inexpensive way to secure ducts in an environment where the air isn’t as fresh and dry as it could be.

It also makes it easier to check the duct is sealing properly.

Air Venti is a subsidiary of French-based company Aerofin, which makes sealants and seals.

In this case it was the air venting that was being sealed.

According to Air Ventis Web site, “the Air Ventilator is designed to deliver a uniform air flow and provide the necessary level of air to seal ducts.

It is designed specifically for ducting applications where air is frequently in short supply, such as in residential or commercial installations.”

You can also use tape as a seal for air duct sealing, according the Air Ventu website.

“The tape allows air to be circulated through a duct without the need to use an air compressor,” it states.

You can purchase a tape sealers online for around $15, and the adhesive is used to seal the tape to the duct.

“If you want a very cheap way to do it, this is a good alternative,” Air Ventisto says.

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