Self sealing tape helps seal ship in wake of storm

A ship is now resting on its starboard side after being forced out of the water after it was forced from the shore.

The crew of the USS Lusitania is resting on the starboard starboard bow of the ship after being pulled from the water.

A crew member aboard the Lusitsania is seen on a boat while the ship is in the water during a rescue operation in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday.

The rescue effort is focused on a ship that is about to be towed to a port near San Diego, California, where it will be inspected by authorities.

The Lusigans sister ship, the USS Lexington, is also being helped out of its berth.

The Coast Guard rescued the Lexington on Monday after it ran aground off the coast of Virginia.

The Lexington is scheduled to leave San Diego on Tuesday, and will arrive in the port of Long Beach, California later on Thursday, the Coast Guard said.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter drops an oxygen mask on the side of the LUSITAN ship as it arrives to be inspected at the port in San Diego.

The ship is about a mile off the California coast.

(Photo: J. Scott Applewhite, AP)The Coast Guard has been trying to get the Lusa, which was in port in Virginia, out of danger since it was last spotted off the Virginia coast in mid-November.

A team of divers were searching for it when the vessel went aground.

After weeks of searching, the crew of a Coast Guard aircraft spotted the Luna in the area off the Coast of Virginia and notified the LUSA.

The team of Coast Guard divers searched for the Lussan on Wednesday.

The captain of the vessel, Capt. James W. Johnson, said the vessel is about 200 yards out in the ocean when the crew realized it was in trouble.

The Lusa is carrying up to 500 people and is being towed to the port.

It is now scheduled to arrive in Long Beach on Thursday night, the coast guard said.

The vessel is carrying more than 700 tons of cargo and is headed to the U.C. Davis Shipyard in Davis, California.

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