The best way to seal the knot

The knot itself is a little tricky to wrap around the cord.

To do this, you need to bend the cord around the head of the cord, then pull it inwards to keep the knot from unraveling.

If you pull too hard, the knot will stretch too far and the cord will fall out.

This is a problem with all knots, but the problem here is the length.

You need to cut the cord in half at the back of the head, so that the knot can still be secured.

The trick is to tie a single end of the knot to the head and the other end to the other side of the neck.

The second knot is tied in place by a small hook.

It’s the same kind of hook that hangs on the ends of your shoelaces.

The third and fourth knots are tied at the neck, with the hook in the center of the third knot.

You’re going to tie these knots to a string, which means you’ll need a cord.

Here’s a diagram that illustrates how the four knots should be tied together.

If all four are tied together correctly, you should have the cord tied around the neck of the shirt.

The knot will hang in the front, the two ends will hang on the sides of the collar, and the third and the fourth will hang behind the back and the side of your shirt.

If the cord isn’t tight enough to hold the knot in place, the cord can fall out and the knot won’t stay in place.

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