Man shot by police during raid on home says he was “happy to be alive”

A man who said he was happy to be dead in a shooting by police at a home in northwest Houston on Friday night has a message for the officer who killed him: “I just want you to understand that you have killed me,” he said.

A witness told the Houston Chronicle that the homeowner, who had a handgun, was inside his home with two women, and one of them was holding the gun.

He said the woman yelled at the man, who was outside, “Get the f*** out of here, get the f**k out of the house,” the witness said.

Police were called to the home at 12:12 p.m. on Friday after the man called 911 and said he shot a man inside his house in the 2800 block of Algiers Street.

The man who was shot was taken to the hospital, and his condition was not immediately known.

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