How to Get Rid of a Tape Case Sealer

The secret to sealing a tape case is to seal the thread inside the case.

The thread is the part of the case that goes around the case itself.

If you can’t find that thread inside, then the case will not seal.

The tape case case sealers that come with your case are a good way to get around this problem.

First, put your tape case in a cool dry place.

Next, get the thread on the inside of the tape case sealed.

This will give the case the perfect seal.

Finally, place the tape file on the tape and seal it tight.

This is how the tape cases look after a sealer is used.

A good sealer will seal the threads inside the tape, and a bad sealer can cause the tape to slide out of place.

There are also sealers made specifically for sealing a case, like the one you’ll see here.

They are called tape sealers.

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