New seal tape seals fridge and freezer in Calgary

In an emergency, the refrigerator and freezer can be sealed with a special seal tape.

The tape measures about 10 centimetres by 2.5 centimetre, making it one of the most flexible seal tape available.

The tape can be cut to suit the needs of different applications, and can be used to seal doors, windows and door frames, and to seal appliances.CBC News asked the manufacturer to name the seal tape in Calgary, and received an email from the company.

The company would only say the tape was “pre-treated.”

We did test it, and it’s pretty flexible, so we did not think it would need any more time.

Curtin Energy said it had a dozen of the tape in use around the city, and had been using them for at least two years.

It has also been using the tape for a variety of other applications, including to seal doorframes and windows.

In addition to being used to keep appliances from being moved, the tape can also be used for other purposes.

For example, when using the seal to seal an exterior door, it can also help seal inside the door.

“If you’re in a garage, you can just open the garage door, close the door, and you don’t need to open the door,” said Dave DeSouza, a safety engineer with Curtin Energy.

The company has tested the tape to make sure it’s compatible with its applications.

“The tape does what it’s supposed to do, and the seal will hold up to anything that you throw at it,” DeSousa said.

“If you put something on it, it’ll hold up pretty well.”

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