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The next steps for bitcoin may be the next step in its evolution.

The Bitcoin Foundation announced on Monday that it will allow for the creation of “initial coin offerings” (ICOs) on its platform, paving the way for the cryptocurrency to become an asset class that investors can own and trade.

The move is intended to give investors more options for investing in bitcoin as a form of investment, and could also help ease the financial problems associated with cryptocurrency.

The announcement was made during the company’s quarterly investor call, where CEO Mark Karpeles discussed the company and its goals.

“We believe that initial coin offerings are the next wave in our evolution,” he said.

“With the advent of ICOs, there is an opportunity to leverage existing market forces to create a decentralized network that is not subject to the whims of centralized financial institutions.

We’re excited to offer this next stage in our digital transformation.”

The company is also looking to bring some of its more popular services to the platform, such as its wallet, and to expand into other areas, such on mobile payments, digital currency, and cloud computing.

Karpels stated that the company is “exploring” how to integrate blockchain technology into the platform.

“In order to deliver a world where people are empowered to take control of their financial futures, we need to provide the technology that enables the process of creating those futures, which is blockchain,” he explained.

“The next wave of innovation is on how we create a world that is both more secure, more efficient, and more open, so that we can harness the power of blockchain technology in ways that benefit everyone.”

The announcement comes amid a growing debate over the future of the cryptocurrency and its future.

Some are arguing that the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has already reached its potential and should be abandoned.

Others, including Karpes, argue that the next major shift will be a shift away from a centralized system of control, and toward a decentralised and more decentralized one.

It’s an argument that has seen some investors and politicians call for bitcoin to be banned in the United States.

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