‘Petri Seal Tape’ to Be on eBay in July

Petri Seal tape is getting a bit more attention from auction houses.

This past weekend, auction house Bonhams released a set of five Petri Tape items, each of which was produced by the famous seal company.

Each item features a picture of the seal with a tag reading “Petri Tape” on it.

The first of the Petri tapes is the “Fiery Eagle” (shown below), a “Laughing Cow” (pictured below), and a “Harpy” (right).

The second item is the infamous “Pig” (left), the “Horse” (center), and the “Dog” (bottom).

The third item is “Lucky Man” (below), and while the title says “LOL” the seal is actually a man.

The fourth item is a “Boat” (top), and “Dog,” as well as the “Bubble Dog” (above).

The fifth item is called “The Last Laugh,” and is an auction item for the first time.

The auction house did not reveal what the “The First Laugh” item is, but they did mention it is a rare item.

You can view more pictures of the items below.

BonhamSotheby’s has said the item is one of the most famous and most sought-after seals ever made.

If you want to find out more about the items, you can visit the auction house’s site.

You’ll also be able to view an interview with the auctioneer and see photos of the item that were taken by Bonham’s own photographer.

Bonampagos auction house is known for its high-quality items.

The collection includes a number of fine works, but the seal that sold at auction for the most expensive price of $6,000,000 is perhaps the best-known.

The seal was designed by Robert F. Burroughs, a famous painter and illustrator.

He designed the face of the famous character The Last Laugh in the film The Great Escape.

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